Antonio Canale was born in Cervaro, Frosinone.

He arrived in Montrose after 1891 (no census record) and before 1899 (the date of his marriage to Guiseppa D’Agostino. By 1911, Antonio and Guiseppa had a family of 5.

Antonio died in 1923. It is believed that his son, Domenico (and wife Maria Coletta) then took over the running of the business.

In the Censimento, an Antonio Canale is listed as an Ice Cream Dealer at 85 High Street, Montrose. Curiously, the address of a J.S. Ronaldson, witness to the marriage of Domenico and Maria, is given as 85 High Street. Is this Antonio Domenico’s brother, and who was J.S. Ronaldson?

Was 85 High Street the location of The Central Cafe? It is believed that the building was demolished and the site now occupied by Farmfoods.

Can anyone help unravel this intriguing story?

Image from Montrose Past and Present – The Montrose Society. (