My McCreath Family Tree goes back to 1685. Its progenitor is David McCreath who married Agnes Clerk.

For some 20 years, with the help and encouragement of a number of cousins worldwide, I have been documenting  the off-spring to the present day of David and Agnes.

This website is being developed to share my findings. It is hoped  that it will be widely used – especially amongst any of the  younger generation curious about their genealogical heritage. 

Abbreviated Pedigree Chart; Click here for larger image.

I have been researching my McCreath line;      

My late wife’s McLean line;                                    

My mother’s Haggart line;

My maternal grandmother’s Munro line;

My paternal grandmother’s Shaw line;

My paternal grandmother’s Mason line;

My son-in-law’s Pagliari/ Visocchi line.

To provide a useful record for future generations, it is important that the data is as full and as  factually accurate as possible.  Accordingly, any  additional information and/ or amendments are more than welcomed.

Equally, if you find an ancestor and have any old photographs you would be willing to share, these will be most gratefully received.

Please help if you can.

Best regards,

Douglas McCreath (Click here for biographical details)