The progenitor of my Mason Line is William Mason, born in Cumberland, England.

William Mason married Elizabeth Nicolson at Greystoke, Cumberland on 26th January 1827.

William and Elizabeth had five known children:

• Thomas Mayson (sic) christened 22 April 1827

• Robert Mason (i) born Caldbeck, Cumberland; christened 27 April 1829

• Mary Mason born Caldbeck, Cumberland, christened 22 April 1832

• William Mason born Cumberland 10 August 1836

• Robert Mason (ii) christened 20 May 1838; died, age 16, on 13 December 1855, Wallacetown, St Quivox, Ayr. Robert was a Coal Miner.

Elizabeth, his mother, died in 1839.

William married Mary McCree (born 1820, Ardrossan). They had two known children, one of whom died in infancy

John Mason born Wallacetown, St Quivox 1st February 1856. Died 1856.

Robert Mason (iii) born Wallacetown, St Quivox 18 June 1857; died 11 July 1878.

Robert clearly was not a ‘lucky name’ in this family. The first-named Robert died in childhood; the second, a Coal Miner  died  age 16; and the third, a Draper’s Assistant died at the age of 21 of chronic Bright’s Disease (a disease of the kidney).

The death certificate of the second Robert (died 1855) records that he had resided in Ayrshire for four years.

William Mason, a Pauper, died  on 3 January 1862 at Kyle Union Poorhouse, Ayr. He was a Widower.