If you have any photographs or stories to contribute please get in touch by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Hello my name is Nicola Margaret McQuaid nee Tulloch 5th child of Margaret Beryl Tulloch nee McCreath .. I married Eugene in 1995 and we divorced in 2007. I have one daughter Ciara Elizabeth McQuaid born 21 July 1996. I am a bid writer for a construction company but soon to change jobs and will be working for Liverpool University. If there is any further info you need please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Kindest regards

    1. Good morning Niki, Many thanks for being in touch. Did you hear of the site from Jackie Medicks? Some brief biographical details of your parents would be most welcome.
      Best regards

  2. HI Douglas, I have just discovered your website – what an amazing wealth of information. I am Ann Stewardson – Robin Arkle’s sister in law. We met at his funeral and chatted about family history . I am spending a very wet day reading your web pages, and adding info to the Arkle tree I am compiling on Ancestry. I am seeing your cousin Doug soon, so shall show him your site too.
    All the very best

    1. Hi Ann, Great to hear from you. Conscious of the fact that most of my genealogy stuff was hidden in files, I have been building the site as a means of sharing my findings. I have been remiss in not being in touch with Doug but your e-mail will jog me into action. Pass on my best regards to him when you meet, Keep in touch. Best regards, Douglas.

      1. Hi Douglas,
        Thanks for your reply (only just seen, as didn’t spot an email reminder). Will pass on you regards to Doug. No doubt I shall be pestering you soon about the tree!


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